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Skyline Black 6-Pawl freehub body option

Available in XD/XD-R, Shimano and Campagnolo versions, the new Black freehub body option from TUNE offers 54 points of engagement (7.5 degrees), for the riders who demand a quicker engagement response. The Black Skyline freehubs are part of a 3 option set, each colour coded in either anodised Blue, Gold or the new Black. Blue is the lightest option for standard hubs, with 3-pawls and 27 points of engagement (15 degrees). Also new to the range is the Gold Endurance model which again has 3-pawls, 27 points of engagement (15 degrees) but retains a little more material for the heavier and stronger riders, or those who just want a burlier system for their offload application and are happy to trade such for an extra 13g.

TUNE Skyline Black


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