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ARC8 come with the standard legally required 2 year warranty. In addition, in the the 3rd - 5th year of ownership, a crash replacement program is offered.

In the 3rd year the crash replacement price is 50% off the current equivalent RRP, in the 4th year it is 40% and in the 5th yer it is 30%.

2) Cockpit setup with ICH stems

  • The stem length on ARC8 bikes is determined by frame size and model of bike. If you would like a specific stem length, this can be catered for when the bike is assembled in Germany. ACH stems come in lengths 70, 80, 90, 100, 110, 120mm. At EightyOneSpices we stock a range of stems should you wish to change the stem length after purchase. 

  • When bikes are assembled with ICH stems, 3cm of spacers are fitted under the stem with the medium top cone. If you want something other than this, this can be done when ordering your bike prior to the assembly of the bike. 

3) Can other stems be used on the models equipped with an ICH stem?

Alternatively you can source and fit a FSA ACR stem. The FSA ACR spacers can be used. However, a specific ARC8 top cap needs to be used.

4) Brake mounts on the ARC8

The ARC8 Eero, Escapee, Essential 2 and the Evolve FS frames use the new Flat Mount brake standard. If you require a flat mount brake / caliper, please contact us at EightyOneSpices as we have options available with the Formula brakes range. 

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