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Tune FAQ

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FAQ: What colours do Tune components come in and what colours does EightyOneSpices stock?

Tune is a colorful world. Tune uses the following 7 colours: Silver, froggy green, red, orange, gold, blue and black.

Purple, pink, forest green and white are no longer available.

Following is an indication of the colours:






















a) As no anodising facility can guarantee a consistency in tone of anodising colour from one anodising batch to the next, Tune can not guarantee the exact shade of colour of one component will be the same as for the next either. Two identical components, colourised in the same anodising bath with the same anodizing process at two different times can produce a slightly different shade of colour, there are simply too many variables involved in the complex anodising process. Tune however, aim to keep their colours as consistent as possible. In the past, black has been the only anodising colour anodisers are able to keep consistent. Only resently red was able to be added to this very short list.


b) At EightyOneSpices we stock all colours for a select few components only (top caps, QR sqewers and tubeless valves are the key items here), but for most components the demand is very low for colours. Hence it is not viable to stock all items in all colours. We aim to stock all regular stock items in the popular colours. You are always welcome to place a special order in your choice of above colour if not available at the time of order.

b) Update 01.10.2014: anodising colours pink and purple have been discontinued as regular colours for 2015. Tune have done a couple of limited edition runs of purple hubs, so if you are after purple, please just give us a call to see if there is any availability.

FAQ: Which DC12 (142x12) rear through axle will work on my frame?

There are currently two rear through axle models: a) X-12 and b) Shimano E-through. Rock Shox Maxle is currently not available.

The Shimano E-through axle has a M12x1 thread and some frames have this thread directly in the frame (eg. Scott), but you may have to additionally order the correct threaded insert from following list. If your bicycle brand is not listed, please contact us:


  - NP0608sw - Simplon, Merida, Centurion, BMC, Yeti

  - NP0607sw - Ghost

  - NP0609sw - Rocky Mountain

  - NP0605sw - Hai-Bike



FAQ: So just exactly how much lighter is a Tune hubset?

We get asked this question all the time. So we thought we'd just put together a spreadsheet of weights for the commonly referred to hubs. Note all weights are manufacturers claimed weights. Actual weights will vary slightly. After weighing a range of hubsets from different manufacturers we have noticed, that on average, actual weights are up to +5%.




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FAQ: I need some tune hub dimesions to calculate spoke lengths - where do I find these?



                                         Front Tune hub dimensions:                                          Rear Tune hub dimensions:














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FAQ: 12Speed Shimano HG cassettes on Tune 11Speed HG freehub bodies.

To start with, Tune's HG freewheels are compatible. All freewheels delivered until the end of 2022 are compatible with Shimano HG 11speed. However, Shimano HG is not just Shimano HG. The dimensions of the new cassette are minimally bigger. This may cause the cassette to rub on the frame in some frame models, but this is very dependant on the particular frame.  If this does happen, there is an easy fix. A thinner cassette stop ring should fix the issue. This link takes you through the assembly process.



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