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Nokon has been in the market since the mid 90′s. Nokon cable systems are manufactured by a Germany based engineering company that specializes in industrial cable and housing whose owner happens to be an avid cyclist. They used their expertise in industrial applications in order to create and develop the Nokon cable and housing system for the cycling market.



Benefits of the Nokon cable system:


  • Dual purpose system: A system for both gear and brakes (non Hydraulic). 

  • Longest lifetime cable system: you will never need to replace the entire cable system ever again. You can replace any segments or                                                        components if you ever need to do so.

  • Best braking preformance: total length of patentet konkavex Nokon outer housing beads remains constant when applying brakes, hence                                            providing increased safety, braking performance and precission - even with numerous tight bends. 

  • Precise shifting performance: konkavex Nokon outer housing prevents the inner cable from stretching, thus preventing associated gearing problems such as re-adjusting and inprecise shifting. 

  • Resistant to bending deformations: the konkavex Nokon bead joints provide constant length even under high compressive force regardless of how many bends the system has. 

  • Weight: the light weight alloy beads of the standard konkavex Nokon system provide a huge overall 40% weight saving over standard Bowden cable systems. For the weight weenies a slimline or carbon version is available providing even more weight saving.. -Nokon Standard (5mm OD beads and liner): 41g / m -Nokon Carbon (beads and liner, shift only): 25g / m -Nokon Slimline (4mm OD beads and liner, shift only): 34g / m

  • Tension free: the system functions without lateral pressure, which excludes the possibility of lateral swing.

  • Tight bends: tight bends pose no problems. If the radius of the standard beads is not sufficient, shorter tight bend beads are available. 

  • Well defined pressure point: even with tight bends, the housing is resistant to - and does not deform or swing out under pressure. 

  • Aluminium and stainless steel: a considerable weight saving and highest degree of durability. 

  • Colour: available in many colours (black, white, silver, red, blue, orange, green and pink) and carbon.

  • Individualisation: as the konkavex Nokon beads are available in different colours, you are able to combine colours to create your own individual combination. Or use just a few colour beads as highlights.

  • Ready to assemble: the system is supplied ready to assemble with everything required for either brakes or gears of one bike. 

  • Race proven: ... at Tour de France.

Benefits of the Nokon cable system:


  • Dual purpose system

  • Longest lifetime cable system

  • Best braking preformance:

  • Precise shifting performance

  • Resistant to bending deformations

  • Weight

  • Tension free

  • Tight bends


  • Aluminium and stainless steel

  • Colour


  • Individualisation


  • Ready to assemble

  • Race proven

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