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INGRID Components

Between knowing and not knowing there is curiosity.

INGRID is the fusion of different professional skills of its creators; designers and engineers with 20 years of experience in product design and, of course, a great passion for 8 tubes.

We design and manufacture bicycle drive train with the aim of offering a niche alternative to the big three, working on build quality, reliability and functionality.

The use of materials tends towards aluminum, rediscovering the charm of the 80/90 builders but with a more current style and obviously a more advanced research in structures and lightness.

Lightweight, strong and precise, that's how every component of your bike should be, and that's how we thought, designed and built them.

We let real champions test our components.

The specific sector from which we started is enduro and then immediately move on to the xc / marathon, where for several years we have been supporting the top teams on the Italian scene; but the goal is to produce complete drive train groups also for cx / gravel and road.

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