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- BIKE WITH PASSION: Johannes Pistrol is a world class Mountianbike-Alpinist who choses Liteville/Syntace/SQlab, check out some of his amazing videos...


- COLIN STUART: Amazing sports photography, specifically alpine riding ...


- DIGITAL HIPPIE: Amazing photography, videographer, all thing mountainbike, product reviews, brand ambassador...


- DYLAN GERSCHWITZ: Brand ambassador, rider, traveller, all things bike related...


- DOMINIK RAAB: Street trials rider, check out his awesome videos combining the disciplines of trial with street...


- JASPER JAUCH: Liteville development rider, German DH Champion, World Cup DH rider, check out his awesome edits!


- SUMMITRIDE: Harald Philipp is a professional Mountainbike Alpinist. Check out his videos, each one is nothing short of amazing, 'Sea of Rock' and 'Horace and the rough stuff' are amongst our favourties and a MUST-SEE!!!


Global Cycling and Bike Packing


- TILMANN WALDTHALER: Global bike packer, author and photographer currently travelling Australia on SQlab...


- GERD MÜLLER: Global bike packer who left has left his career in financial accounting behind to travel from Germany to Australia and ride his SQlab equipped bike around the continent, very interesting mission indeed and a great read!





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