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CrossWorx Cycles

CrossWorx Cycles is a German manufacturer of mountain bikes, located in the green heart of Germany, Thuringia.

The company was born in 2019 due to the long standing love for mountain bikes and has the aim to create products that are fun to ride and are expanding your limits.

After several years as of R&D in the bike industry, Chris was able to acquire the know-how about production processes from Asia, as well as extensive knowledge of the German market. Out of conviction he decided to bring the manufacturing of the frames to Germany. Every frame is Made in Germany, with the necessary care and precision!

Since the end of 2018, the frames have been manufactured exclusively in Germany. The CW headquarters is located not far from Rudolstadt and thus in direct proximity to some excellent technical mountainbike trails. Perfect test conditions for our Made-in-Germany frames.

In our two-storey production hall of only 36 sqm we can prepare the frames for the final welding completely self-sufficiently.

To produce the frames here in Thuringia, on the edge of the Thuringian Forest, has many advantages. We can exert an incredible amount of influence on the creation of our own products and thus generate short delivery times, not least because we have also cleverly chosen our suppliers. Some of our suppliers are only a couple of minutes bike ride away. The entire supply chain is designed for high sustainability and quality and is almost entirely in our own hands. This is the only way we can ultimately deliver the quality we want, which also goes hand in hand with our quality ethos of German manufacturing.

With sporty greetings

– Kiwi & Chris

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