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1) Blackline fork service intervals

The service intervals will depend on the conditions you ride in and the how much you ride.

For perfect functionality doing a lowers servcie / changing splash bath and lubrication oil approx. every 3 months is recommended. 

Based on the cleanliness of the internals and how much oil you have used up over this time, you can then either increase or reduce this interval as needed to maintain perfect functionality.

PS: It is good practice, with any right-side-up forks, before you go on a ride, to turn the bike upside down and compress the forks 10 times. This spreads the splash bath oil throughout the fork, seals and bushings so that it will feel smooth. This also helps minimise any possible wear.

2) Blackline fork fluids

Air chambers: RSP Air Fluid is recommended, 15ml, other fluids are possible too.

Damping: Motorex 2.5WT

Lubrication / splash bath for lowers and seals: Mix of Supergliss 68, RSP no stick slip additive, and teflon powder. Or the more commonly available Fox Gold.

2) Fork inflation warning

Always be sure to use a suitable shock pump! We have found that some shock pumps (such as out Formula shock pumps) do not engage both chambers properly at the same time and then the fork will feel "off". It could feel like it is topping out and not super sensitive on small bumps / for the first 2-3cm of travel. The fork should feel super supple on small bumps and respond with incredibly low break away force.  The shock pump that we recommend is the GIYO HP (High Pressure) 600psi digital shock pump.

3) Ebonite Bandit setup + tips

The Intend Ebonite Bandit has a very specific setup sequence.

1) Inflate upper chamber with 1.5 x rider weight (kg) = pressure in psi. Eg if you are 80kg, inflate to 120psi.

2) Inflate lower air chambers with half of the pressure in the upper air chamber. Eg if rider weight is 80kg and pressure in the upper air chamber is 120psi then the pressure in the lower air chambers should be 60psi.

3) To increase / decrease end progression, release air from lower air chambers completely using a shock pump, then release the air pressure completely of the upper air chamber (here no shock pump is needed). Unscrew the top cap with a 13mm hex socket.

  - for less progression, turn the long M6 bolt inwards.

  - for more progression, turn the long M6 bolt outwards.

Ensure to always leave the long M6 bolt threaded in by at least 5mm of thread.

Torque upper crown 5mm allen key: 10 - 12Nm

Torque upper crown  4mm allen key: 4Nm

To dissassemble the upper crown a tap with a rubber mallet may be required.

4) Dropouts and end caps

The Intend Blackline forks all have boost 15x110mm dropouts without shoulders. This design allows the use of hubs with standard end caps and also Torque end caps.


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