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Bike Check: Emlen's Liteville H3

Emlen's Liteville H3

EightyOneSpices sales team member, Emlen Wilson is known for his endurance. He's no stranger to hours upon hours in the saddle, and choosing some of the trickiest climbs and descents along the way. But this experience has made him pretty handy behind bars, as it turns out, given he rode his custom built Liteville H3 hardtail to a 2nd place in Vets class and 3rd place in Senior Hardtail, at only his second ever downhill race. Emlen's 12.2kg trail weapon is nothing short of a decked out. It's light, it's strong and it's built up with some of the slickest bits we sell. Let's take a look!

  • Syntace W33i 29" wheels

  • Syntace Vector Carbon bars

  • Syntace Megaforce2 50mm stem

  • Eightpins integrated dropper with a massive 220mm drop

  • Formula Selva 29" 160mm Ultraviolet forks

  • Formula Cura2 brakes

  • SQlab 611 Ergowave Active saddle

This bike is designed to take you anywhere you want to go, and do it with confidence! Something worth noting is that the ONLY change that Emlen makes between all-day endurance riding mode, and downhill race mode, is he switches his Syntace Flatforce 77mm stem out, for the Megaforce 2 50mm stem. Featuring TUNE's awesome OneShot tubeless system and more cool bits than you can poke a spoke at, it's definitely a build that's going to keep him going for plenty more km to come! For more info, you can check out Emlen's bike and how you can get your hands on one of your very own, at our website.

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