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Matt Ackland: Australian Singlespeed National Champion

A huge congratulations to Matt Ackland who just snagged the National Single Speed title over the weekend. This bloke just keeps going from strength to strength, and his custom built Niner Hardtail decked out with TUNE and Formula components continues to carry him faultlessly to these victories. Matt has been chasing the Singlespeed title since his first 24hr race in 2014. Completing 36 laps, a total of 360km and just over 5500m of climbing across a total moving time of 23h:20m, Matt took 3rd place outright in dry, dusty and technically challenging conditions, claiming his first Singlespeed title, just one lap shy of 8x Elite World Champion, Jason English.

Matt said...

"I love the Formula forks! They are the most tuneable forks with the most plush damper system on the market, making them perfect for my needs. I can set them up firm for short races or tune the sensitivity for all day comfort and precision! Servicing is a breeze."

Matt Ackland runs: - Forks: Formula 33 29" 120mm forks - Brakes: Formula R1 Racing brakes with 160mm rotors - Bars: Syntace Vector Carbon Low5 bars 760mm - Stem: Syntace Flatforce 77mm - Post: Syntace P6 Full Carbon 27.2x400 - Saddle: TUNE Speedneedle Marathon - Hubs: TUNE Princess and Prince 32h - Bottlecages: TUNE Wassertraeger 2.0

"The quality and damping properties of the Syntace P6 post and Vector Carbon bars are second to none and I finished the race with no back or shoulder problems. With a range of stems to choose from, including the Sabertooth Flatforce and Liteforce I can always get my cockpit ergonomics dialled as needed."

"My TUNE Speedneedle saddle is still my favourite bike component! I never feel uncomfortable, even after a 24 hour and am supported for seated efforts. Lightweight parts always seem to be looked at as being a compromise on durability but I’d argue that my TUNE Prince and Princess hubs have been faultless! Serving as daily riding wheels, they see up to 20 hours of use every week both as a rigid and with suspension. The 15g Wasserträger MTB bottlecages always hold my waterbottle tight so it is there when needed!"

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