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Inside Syntace: Nathaniel Goiny

There are only a handful of riders who can keep up with former freerider and racer, Nathaniel Goiny, better known to his friends as Tani. Heading up the guided tours at Syntace and Liteville and having been an accredited bike guide and skills instructor, he’s not one to shy away from questions. Well, except one… “How do you keep up with all this?”

On a daily basis, you’ll find Tani in the R&D Department of Syntace and Liteville. In fact, he held a leading role in the design of the 301 Mk15 and the new 301CE Mk1. Now, with Liteville’s new E-bike portfolio, he’s immersed in an impressive challenge, given the range has required a complete redesign, from the ground up. “For the 301CE, we have adapted the kinematics of the 301 to the requirements of an E-bike. With the additional power of the engine, combined with the super sensitive, active rear suspension, the 301CE becomes a most capable bike on the steep climbs, and a pure fun machine downhill.” Says Tani. More information you can find here 👉🏼

There’s a saying around the company, everything from Liteville bikes and Syntace components has to pass the “Tani Test”. It’s fair to say, that not a single part part will leave our production halls before it has passed Tani’s, at times ambitious expectations of quality and craftsmanship. But one thing is for sure, so much of the trust and loyalty that our customers have in our products, is as a result of Tani’s tireless pursuit of perfection. If you’re interested in learning more about the great people responsible for the design and innovation of Liteville bikes and Syntace components, stay tuned as we bring you more of the “Inside Syntace" stories.

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