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New Formula 220mm Rotors Available

With the trend in bigger brake rotors bringing 220mm discs to the downhill market, Formula have released their much anticipated offering, and it’s good! Together with the recently introduced Cura4 4-pot brakes, Formula has introduced the new Monolithic brake rotors, available in centerlock and 6-bolt configurations, and in 4 sizes, including a massive 220mm size. After more than three years of development, Formula have arrived at a design that combines the best of all the ‘must have’ features in a disc brake rotor:

  • Extreme lateral stiffness that guarantees impact resistance, protecting the disk from unwanted damage. A disc that’s not afraid of being abused will always guarantee an optimal alignment with respect to the caliper.

  • Optimized Rotor profile, reducing unwanted noise caused by friction and at the same time providing a greater braking surface.

  • A special anti-noise design which reduces the likelihood of resonance and vibrations, often amplified by the frame.

  • Reduced pad wear.

With the new Monolithic 1-piece disc brake rotor, Formula have taken a big step forward in guaranteeing the highest level of performance. Available options in the Monolithic 1-piece rotors are:

  • 160mm rrp$39.90

  • 180mm rrp$44.90

  • 203mm rrp$54.90

  • 220mm rrp$109.00

(note: centerlock also available)


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