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Melrose Fat Tyre Festival goes off with a bang!

Photo: SBDynamics

The annual Melrose Fat Tyre Festival was on again over the June long weekend and as is always the case, it did not disappoint. The tiny town in the Mid-North of South Australia once again drew huge crowds with bikes and bike lovers taking over the town, enjoying the trails, the cafes, the family friendly activities, and of course, a bit of the slow-life too. What’s more, the weather was absolutely perfect with plenty of perfect blue-sky winter days and those sought after 1 Million star accomodation options, thanks to the clear night sky. EightyOneSpices enjoyed a great turn out for our guided ride around the township trails, something we look forward to each year. We had lots of products available for demo, however one thing that generated a huge amount of interest, as you might expect, was the number of riders who took the opportunity to get a saddle fit and test ride the right SQlab saddle for them. SQlab have a very different approach to saddle selection, in that a saddle is scientifically chosen based on the actual measurement of the rider’s sit-bones and that measurement is then adjusted by a correction factor based on how the rider sits on the bike. One rider after another went through this process, and the feedback was overwhelmingly positive from all who took out a saddle for a ride - the feedback was astounding, and many said that for the first time, they felt a saddle that properly supported their sit-bones in the right way.

We’d like to congratulate the awesome efforts of all the volunteers involved in the Melrose Fat Tyre Festival, it is one of the best bike festivals on the Australian mountainbike calendar and we love being a part of it.

Photo: SBDynamics

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