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Kevin Pullen, battling illness, snags 2nd place in 24 hour solo Dirty Weekend

Kevin Pullen 2nd place Dirty Weekend

While we’re on the subject of 24 hour solo racing, we simply have to recognise the super human effort of Kevin Pullen. Having raced the Dirty Weekend’s 24hour solo events for 9 years, snagging four wins and three 3rd's in that time, with the exception of one DNF due to injury, it was looking like 2019 might sadly be another DNF. At the 15 hour mark, Kevin was discussing pulling the pin due to illness that was pushing him to his limits in a race that’s designed to push healthy riders to their limits. But not finishing, is not an option for Kevin, so on the show went, battling sickness for another 7 hours. And the result? Well, Kevin rolled into the finish in 2nd place. Yep, you read that correctly. Of the 18 solo 24 hour riders, Kevin managed to hold 16 of them at bay, to continue his 9 year trend of collecting podiums - and convincing ones, at that - at the toughest end of the Dirty Weekend’s category list. “The SQlab Ergowave active saddle is the game changer for 24hr racing! To have the main contact point covered makes life on the bike so much more pleasant (especially when riding in circles for hours on end). It the first thing I change out on all my race bikes!” Says Kevin. So with a 1-2 for EightyOneSpices riders, we want to congratulate Kevin on a stellar effort, with an incredible 2nd place, despite pushing through illness.

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