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Syntace product update for carbon range

Syntace first introduced the "Superlight" version of their Vector Carbon early in 2018. The goal here was to develop a new layup utilsing newer materials and an optimised material distribution to both reduce weight and further improve damping properties but maintain the same strength characteristics and crash safety we know from their existing award winning range of Syntace's Vector Carbon bars. The result was a Vector Carbon Superlight Hi10 that has been available in two lengths 720mm and 760mm with 12% reduced weight and 17% increase in vibration damping capabilities. In appearance, the new Superlight bars are a matte UD finish rather than glossy. The new "Superlight" technology has now been expanded to following lines:

  • Syntace Vector Carbon Hi10 Superlight 720mm and 760mm in both 8deg and 12deg

  • Syntace Vector Carbon Hi20 Superlight 760mm in both 8deg and 12deg

The above two Vector Carbon bars along with the existing Syntace Vector Carbon Hi35 780mm bar (glossy finish) form the new range of bars.

All Syntace Vector Carbon Low10, Low5 and Hi5 are discontinued.

To match the new finish of the Vector Superlight bars, the P6 Full Carbon Hi-Flex seatpost and now also come in the matte finish, all variants are in stock! A bonus of the new matte finish P6 is that it is prepped with an internal machined groove for a Di2 battery holder.

Syntace Vector Carbon Superlight also received a "Best of 2019" award from World of MTB.

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