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Featured Product: Formula Cura 2 Brakes

Formula’s Cura 2 Brakes are a clean, simple, and great riding brake designed to fit all riders and their bikes. The lever, designed for the human factor, is Formula’s most ergonomic and intuitive yet. Mountainbikes have become incredibly capable over recent years, the need for brake technology to keep up has never been more important. Their performance standards have always been beyond the range of what was possible with the use of mineral oil, however with the advent of a new mineral oil that compliments Formula’s performance standards, the chance to change the status quo arose. Boasting a huge amount of braking power is one thing, but being able to make it comfortable and accessible to all riders, from weekend warriors to Enduro racers and even World Cup Downhill racers, is another thing entirely. Yet Formula’s Cura brakes are proven, not just in the laboratory, but on the race track too. Formula’s Cura 2 brake is an extremely powerful, wide range brake, perfect for all riders. Brakes are one of the most personal and intimate parts of your bike, and this is why Formula believe simplicity and efficiency are key aspects of any brake design. Mineral oil has a range of benefits, therefore when a mineral oil was developed that complimented Formula’s performance standards, it was a natural choice. The higher boiling point of mineral oil means the brake is more stable under the extreme heat of racing situations. What’s more, mineral oil’s hydrophobic nature means it doesn’t absorb moisture through the hoses, therefore that boiling point doesn’t change over time, as is the case with DOT fluid. This also means your bottle of spare fluid will last indefinitely on the shelf, once opened. Mineral oil is safe on painted surfaces and to your skin, so working with it is much easier, even cleaning up is easier - just a damp cloth and you’re ready to go.

Formula have pioneered three technologies that make the Cura even better value. The Mix Master handlebar clamp system is an option for all Formula brakes. This simple upgrade allows for the direct attachment of Shimano I-Spec2 and SRAM shifters onto your Formula brake lever mount, giving the bike a clean look and decluttering your bar. Formula’s optional Speedlock technology allows for simple, fast and reliable disconnection and reconnection of the hose from the calliper, multiple times without losing fluid or introducing air into the brake system. This means clean, simple and fast internal re-routing of hoses when you’d otherwise have a messy job on your hands - perfect for the travelling rider or anyone who is constantly rebuilding their bike. Finally, after more than three years of development, Formula’s new Monolithic rotor design offers riders extreme lateral stiffness guaranteeing impact resistance, reduced unwanted friction noise and a special anti-noise design which also reduces the risk of resonance and vibration, leading to greatly reduced pad wear. All totalled, Formula has created a more reliable, more comfortable, and more powerful brake that is specifically designed to not only solve many of the problems plaguing brake systems currently on the market, but also be suitable for riders from amateur to professional and everywhere in between.

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