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Introducing the all-new Liteville 301 CE Mk1

The small German bike manufacturer, Liteville, is mainly known for its super high-quality aluminium mountain bikes. However, the Liteville 301 CE MK1 wants to be an uncompromising eMTB. And that’s exactly why the engineers at Liteville recycled the basic design of the classic 301 to develop an entirely new bike platform around the Shimano STEPS E8000 engine. Both the motor and the internal 610 Wh battery are deeply integrated into the new frame, which is Litevilles very first carbon frame. For the occasion, Liteville also developed a special “cylinder head” for the Shimano motor. The massive cooling element replaces the Shimano’s original “cooling fins”, which are too small for Liteville’s standard. Read the full article here at E-Mountainbike Magazine

EMTB News also had a close look at the new 30CE Mk1. For all their thoughts, check out the blow link. Read the full article here at EMTB News NOTE: This article is in German, but you can click the flags to change the language.

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