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Coil spring is a matter of feeling. A fork with a coil spring is neither better nor worse than an air fork, it’s just different. The small bumps compliance of a coil spring fork is unmistakable, its linear behavior is very distinctive. If these are the things you are looking for, the Selva C is your address, a set-and-forget beast.

In recent years the demand for coil-spring enduro forks has grown a lot, and we could not help but satisfy you.

The Selva C has the same damping as the other models of the Selva family: compression, CTS (Compression Tuning System) with interchangeable valves, rebound, lock-out, and lock-out threshold. On the elastic side, you can choose between 4 different coils: soft, medium, firm, and super firm. The spring preload can be adjusted externally through the knob on the right side of the fork.

With the Selva C, we combined the ease of use and the feeling of the coil spring with the tunability of the CTS system, which allows almost unlimited configurations of the compression curve.



Formula Selva C forks 29" Boost

  • TRAVEL- Standard 160mm. Extended 170mm

    GEOMETRY - Axle to Crown (Standard) 565mm +/- 5mm at 160mm of travel. Axle to Crown (Extended) 575mm +/- 5mm at 170mm of travel. Fork Offset (Rake) 43mm. Max Rotor Size 220mm.

    STEERER TUBE - Size Tapered 1 1/8'' - 1.5'' Color Black Anodized.

    CROWN - Color Black (matt) Material Hollow Forged Aluminum.

    LOWERS - ColorBlack (matt) / Ultraviolet (matt) Dropout15QR BOOST (Standard) Axle integrated Locking System (ILS): 15QR

    STANCHIONS - Diameter (Ø) 35mm. Material 7075 Aluminum. Finish Hard Anodized Black.

    ADJUSTMENTS - Rebound21 Click Adjustment. Compression High and Low Speed 12 Click Adjustment. Compression Tuning System Gold and Blue valves included (other valves optional) Lockout Crown mounted Remote Cartridge Control Optional.

    OTHER FEATURES - Damping Drop-In Cartridge with Internal Floating Technology. Coil Spring Load Hyper Soft / Super Soft, Soft, Medium (default), Firm, Super Firm. Mechanical spring - Steel. Spring preolad 10 click adjustment.

    WEIGHT - Standard (160mm) 2.290 gr.


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