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The TUNE Speedneedle has been on the market for 20 years. What better point in time to introduce the all-new Speedneedle 20TWENTY to celebrate 20 years of the Speedneedle! The Speedneedle is known as the first lightweight saddle providing all-day in the saddle comfort and unheard of durability for such a lightweight saddle. We anticipate the new Speedneedle 20TWENTY to be as successful as the original and to also have it in production for the next 20 years. The Speedneedle 20TWENTY is based on the successful Speedneedle Marathon with the slightly wider 130mm width. The super durable Aramid seatrails were also kept. What is new, is the saddle shell and cover. The cover is available in leather (Black, red or white) and the Alcantara version is black. The cover no longer consists of a front and a rear piece of cover material, rather it is two strips laid side by side. Each and every TUNE Speedneedle 20TWENTY is also still hand made with a lot of Love by Juergen Mikus in his small carbon workshop in Leverkusen, Germany. Because of this, the saddle is only made in small quantities. If you want one and we do currently not have stock, there may be a little bit of a wait time until your saddle is made.


- handmade in Germany

- leather: available in black, white or red.

- alcantara: black

- vegan friendly (alcantara)

- rated for off-road use

- aramid rails

- 135mm wide Weight: 99g (alcantara, 114g (leather)

- max. rider weight 90kg

TUNE Speedneedle 20Twenty

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