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"The Princess CenterLock* is the hub chosen by elite racers around the world! A super light hubshell, Ceramic- or Endurance-bearings, Carbon flange-reinforcement and different endcaps offer you countless customizing options. Each material was selected to achieve the lowest weight possible. The aerospace grade Aluminium with increased fatigue strength has been used to obtain the fine geometrical tolerances and the complex shape. The flange geometry has been optimized to increase the lateral stiffness of the wheel. Configure the hub you need: with Ceramic Bearings and Carbon endcaps to obtain a real Formula 1 or Endurance Bearings with Aluminium Endcaps to switch the Rally mode on. "


Available in all TUNE anodized colours! Please contact us for this request

TUNE Princess CL front hub

Colour: Black
  • weight starting from: 78g
    recommended spokes: SAPIM CX-Ray, SAPIM D-Light
    max. spoke tension 1100N
    max. rider weight: 90kg
    max.system weight: 105kg
    field of use: 24 holes for Road only, 28 and 32 holes for Road/Cx/Gravel/MTB



    flange distance left: 20,7mm
    flange distance right: 32,4mm
    pitch circle left: 51,6mm
    pitch circle right: 28,2mm
    diameter spoke holes 2,4mm
    offset spoke hole left flange 1,5mm
    offset spoke hole right flange _
    spoke lacing pattern: 24 holes with radial pattern on the right side and for 2-cross pattern on the left side, 28 holes or 32 holes with radial pattern on the right side and for 3-cross pattern on the left side
    Our tune spokelength-calculator will further help you to calculate the needed spoke lengths!



    configuration: Ceramic Bearings with Carbon Endcaps for road use/Endurance Bearings with Aluminium Endcaps for Cx-Gravel-MTB
    scope of delivery: hub and corresponding packaging if applicable
    notice: Screw on the lockring and tighten it with max. 40Nm.
    Before mounting the spokes, the Endcaps/Bearings must be removed, for more information please refer to the user manual
    *center lock rotor mounting system licensed by Shimano

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