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How light and comfortable can a saddle possibly be?


TUNE have managed to create an incredibly comfortable saddle at only 95 grams, whilst still being completely safe for off-road use. 90kg is the max. rider weight allowed for this light-as-a-feather saddle, but if this is adhered to we guarantee absolute saftely for road riding, cyclocross and even mountain biking.  Excellent comfort is provided by all edges being nice and round. The leather rear and the wide saddle nose prevent numbness.

The saddle is hand made and laminated in the Black Forest and is even vegan friendly (synthetic leather).




TUNE Komm-Vor

  • - Technical Data:
    - Saddle frame and rails: carbon
    - Dimension of rails: 8x9 mm
    - Padding: not necessary!
    - Edge protection: artificial leather or Alcantara (both vegan friendly)
    - Field of application: mountain bike, cyclo cross, road
    - Width: 131 mm
    - Length: 265 mm
    - Max. rider weight: 90 kg

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