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Tune has brought together aluminum, titanium, and carbon fiber to create one of the lightest and most attractive quick release mtb skewers available.Using several clever and elegant design features, the DC16/17 achieves an incredible weight of 36g. The skewer design consists of a minimal anodized and knurled aluminum end cap, threaded onto titanium axles with precision rolled thread, holding an aluminum washer, butting against the 7075 series cam with carbon lever bonded into it. Tune impregnates the socket plate with a self lubricating molybdenum disulfide (i.e. graphite) to reduce friction in the cam and remove the necesity to lubricate/grease this interface. Instead, the cam should just be kept clean and dry. Subtle details like these that elevate the DC16/17 to one of the finest offerings on the market.

TUNE DC16+17 mtb skewers

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