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Professional workshop grease gun with two different nozzles and the newly developed semi-synthetic Syntace High Performance Turbine Grease.

One grease gun for all your bearings on your bike, for all future Syntace and Liteville components that require greasing with a grease gun. Included is a specially developed universal high performance grease. Not cheap, but certainly worth the dollars.

Industrial quality, easy to use and durable with perfect grease flow for grease ports such as found on the Liteville from MK11 in the TT main bearing.

Included is an additional rubber nozzle for recessed grease ports such as found on the Syntace Number Nine pedal grease port.

The Syntace Turbine Grease is a specially developed blend of high performance semi-synthetic grease. It has a good tolerance towards small grease residue from previously used mineral based greases.

High performance for any rotating and oscillating bearings. Very good resistance towards high temperature, dirt and moisture in off-road applications.

Syntace Professional Grease Gun

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