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Excellent modulation, cooler temperatures and great wet weather brake performance. The Black Prince brings the feel of braking on alloy wheels to carbon wheels.


For use with Tune Skyline, Airways and Schwarzbrenner 45 rims.




Shimano Road

CAMPA Potenza 2016

CAMPA Athena 2016

CAMPA Veloce 2016

CAMPA Centaur 2017


Bed in your new pads to achieve optimum performance.

On a gradual downhill slope, drag each brake lightly for 20-30 seconds, alternating between front and rear. Repeat 2-3 times.Use caution and only very light force when using front brake only. Keep your weight over the rear wheel. For best results, bed in new pads in dry conditions.


SwissStop Black Prince Flash Pro - Sram/Shimano

$89.90 Regular Price
$71.92Sale Price
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