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Speedneedle Marathon

The Speedneedle of Juergen Mikus offers the same comfort as a good traditional saddle, but has incredible improvements in both weight and comfort.

The Speedneedle is designed as an accurately formed stiff saddle. The result is better blood circulation and no numbness. Other saddles may allow flexing of the shell and soft upholstery and hence normal saddles often exhibit pressure in the perineal region causing numbness.

Each and every TUNE Speedneedle has been hand made with a lot of love by Juergen Mikus in his small carbon workshop in Leverkusen, Germany.

Since 2007 the Speedneedle has redesigned aramid fibre seat rails making them very robust and resistant towards damage.

The Speedneelde seatrails have a large damping area which allows large for and aft adjustment.

„ it is hard but it is amazing how comfortable it is" (Bike Magazine 09/04)

The Speedneedle Marathon is 10 mm wider than the Speedneedle Leather and Speedneedle Alcantara and may be more suitable if you have slightly wider sitbones.

The Speedneedle saddle rails have an oval 7.5 x9.5 mm cross section. Some seatposts that clamp the rails sideways rather than from above and below may not be compatible with these rails. Usually however, special clamps for ovalised rails are offered as an option with these saddles.

TUNE Speedneedle Marathon

  • - saddle shell and rails:  carbon-aramid-mix

    - saddle face:  real leather/ carbon

    - rails:  7,5x9,5 mm, carbon-aramid-mix

    - upholstering: high-expansion foam

    - width:  135 mm

    - length:  260 mm

    - weight: 109 grams


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