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The perfect cable system to maximize both braking and shifting performance. The patented, 9mm alloy segments are compressionless and hence allow more precise & defined braking or shifting than any conventional plastic cable housing.

The alloy beads provide the robust outer housing with an inner glassfibre reinforced teflon liner, minimizing friction. Apart from increased precision, the gains are up to 30% less weight over conventional systems, reusable & long lasting, multiple color matching options, and you can replace segments as desired should you experience wear.

Weight: 36g for 1.0m (Comparison: Standard bowden housing 60g/m, Dura-Ace housing 39g/m)

1 Set includes: 1.5m of Nokon housing (segments) + 1.5m glass-teflon liner + stainless steel cables + cable tips + frame protectors. Complete with manual for perfect installation.

Please Note: One (1) set will cover either your brakes or gears based on segmented outer housing - to complete a bike (shifters & brakes) you will need two (2) sets. We suggest measuring your housing length needed in case you need an extension kit.

The universal sets will work for Shimano, SRAM and Campagnolo systems.

Nokon Universal Cable Set

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