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Tunes cheaper Hub, the Mig 70 is as durable and individual as Tunes best hubs, weighing in at just 71grams.


They mill and laser the body in Buggingen and manually mount identical bearings and seals.

Tune ensures the same service and confirm this hub is for every riders weight. 


You can determine the colour of the components and number of spokes. You can also select suitable spokes and rims for a light, long-living and individual front wheel.

The Mig 70 can be used for several different rims. 

Tune Mig 70

Colour: Black
  • Körper Aluminium
    Achse Aluminium, Ø 17 mm
    Herstellverfahren CNC-gedrehte Flansche, Hülse nahtlos gezogenes Alurohr
    Lochzahlen 20, 24, 28, 32 (bis 28 Loch Radialspeichnung möglich!)
    Einbaubreite 100 mm
    Lagerung 2 Rillenkugellager
    Dichtung doppelt schleifend gedichtet
    Spannmethode Schnellspanner. Klemmfrei auch bei härtester Einspannung
    Lochkreis Ø 37,5mm
    Flanschabstand von Felgenmitte (l/r) 35,2mm / 35,2mm



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