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Really clever and smart

Available in two diameter for 22,5-24,0mm and 23-24,7mm. The first is for carbon steerers and also for alumium steeres with high wall thicknesses (like Intend's thick walled steerer on some forks like the Edge and Flash), and the second is for normal alumunium steerer (RockShox, Fox and Intend's normal steerer, ...) and has itself a bigger wallthickness, what makes it perfect for stiffening up your steerer tube below the stemclamp.

INTEND Smarty expander

    • 22,2-23,7mm, 12g
    • 23,7-24,7mm, 18g
    • 30mm clamp height
    • incl topcap and M6 aluminium bolt
    • extra deep(5mm) 3mm allen wrench
    • recommended to install with friction/carbon paste between steerer and expander
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