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Love me some Skinnies!

Welcome the "Skinny" to our brake rotor line-up. It's the pendant to our "Massive" rotor and as the names suggest, it's lighter and thinner than it's bigger brother.
The whole pattern was altered to save more weight in addition to the reduced width of 2mm, but still maintain high enough braking power.
The focus of the Skinny development was to achieve a perfect compromise between weight saving and braking power.

INTEND Skinny Disc Brake Rotors


    Disc Brake Rotor

    • High braking power
    • Massive life span
    • Fits any common brake caliper

    This means it fits to Shimano, to Magura, to Trickstuff, to Sram, to TRP, to Hayes, to Formula. You have different brand? Then yes, it will also fit.

    • Ride Style
      XC / Trail / Enduro
    • Size
      180mm / 203mm
    • Weight
      132g / 169g
    • Width
    • Compatibility
      Compatible with all common brake calipers
    • Other
      Includes only rotor, no mounting bolts
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