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Customize your spring curve

  • Retrofit 3-chamber air spring upgrade
  • Compatible with Hero/Edge/Flash/Infinity/Bandit (for more information keep reading)
  • Customizable spring curve
  • Easy to install


The Linearizer is an optional upgrade for your Intend USD fork. It will convert your traditional 2-chamber air spring system into a 3-chamber system.
How does it work? The device can be easily installed (no special tools required) on the lower side of the air spring, replacing the existing cap.
In comparison to a regular spring curve our Linearizer will add a bit of mid-stroke support and reinforced ramp-up, which is achieved by a pneumatic bottom-out control (PBO). By changing the pressure ratio of the two air chambers you can characterize the spring curve to your needs. For further information check the graphics in the picture gallery.

Note: The Linearizer doesn't necessarily make your fork a better fork!

It really depends on your riding style and preferences. The regular air spring comes with 2 volume spacer options which should give most riders sufficient ramp-up. Also our spring curve is already pretty linear and the added mid-stroke support is marginal. Generally you could say that the regular 2-chamber system is more comfortable, while the Linearizer air spring will add a bit of firmness, which usually makes sense in really gnarly and big-compression terrain, or race conditions.


1. If you don't already know, measure your current air pressure in the fork (for later)
2. Release all air pressure from your fork / air spring using a shock pump
3. Turn your bike upside down
4. For clean installation take out the front wheel
5. Remove the bottom cap of the air spring (13mm socket) and clean the thread (that's where you would also install volume spacers)
6. Your Linearizer comes with a pre-filled suspension fluid syringe. Put just a little bit of suspension fluid onto LRZ-seal and the thread in the lower leg of the fork. You will need the rest of the suspension fluid later.
7. Gently slide Linearizer (only the red POM piece) in with the flat surface ahead. Do it slowly to make sure not to damage the o-ring on the thread.
8. Push the LRZ down a bit. Once fully inserted, take the syringe and put the rest of the suspension fluid in the LRZ chamber.
9. Slide the silver T-piece into the LRZ and torque the cap with 5Nm.
10. You are ready for setup


1. We generally recommend a chamber ratio of 1:2
2. IMPORTANT: Fill the Linearizer chamber with your regular pressure * 1.8 (e.g. if you normally ride 80PSI, fill the Linearizer chamber with 80PSI*1.8=144PSI)
3. Fill the main chamber with 1/2 of 144 PSI = 72 PSI and you're ready to go
Note: The ratio is up to your preference. with 80kg you can also ride 65 PSI / 144 PSI, or 70/130 PSI. The higher the ratio the stronger you will feel the midstroke firmness and end progression of the LRZ.

INTEND Linearizer

  • Only compatible with upside down forks, exceptions are:


    • Flash before 2022
    • some forks from the end of 2021
    • Please check if you have a straight wall lower tube or a tapered lower tube on the brake side. Check the images from the gallery for reference. Release all air (use a shock pump, make sure it’s deflated completely), turn out the lower air cap and compare to reference picture from gallery)
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