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The crankset

Since when we first thought this crankset we tried to find a new way to make it simple, with a good stiffness-weight ratio and of course reliable.
We studied the strange “sponge structure” visible on the back side.
Then we decided to show the dots even in the main side and create a pattern that was used by one of the most important pop artist, Roy Lichtenstein.

Its purpose is xc, cx, from gravel till light trail. But even Bike packing and Grand Tour.


Chainrings not included. There is an upcharge of $84 for special colours.


Tech Specs:

Material: 2024 aluminium alloy (cranks) and 7075 aluminium alloy (spindle)

Weight: 520 g (170 mm cranks, L131 spindle without chainring)

Crank lengths: S - M - L

Spindle: 30mm

K-factor: 91.5 mm (with L131 spindle), 96.5 mm (with L136 spindle)

Q-factor: 163 mm (with L131 spindle), 168 mm (with L136 spindle)

Colours: black, titanium, raw, upon request and a small upcharge: violet, yellow, green, blue, red, orange, hard anodized.


Use the right tool: Crankset lock ring tool



  • Please contact us prior to purchase to confirm availability.

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