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The MixMaster handlebar clamp is an option for all Formula brakes. This simple upgrade allows for the direct attachment of Shimano (I-Spec B & EV only) and SRAM shifters on your Formula brake, giving the bike a clean look. Perfect to help de-clutter handlebars busy with the many clamps today’s bikes employ.

Formula MixMaster for Cura/C1/CR3/

  • Material: aluminum, steel (screws)
    Compatibility Brake lever: Formula C1 | CR3 | Cura
    Compatibility Shifters: SRAM Trigger XX1, X01, XX, X0 (old and new), X9 and X7 (from 2010) Shimano I-Spec B & EV (12s)
    Color: Black
    Weight: 26g per piece (right or left) including all screws

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