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Tuning your fork has never been so straight-forward. With the CTS valves you can fine tune your suspension quickly with extreme accuracy. You decide what’s the best setting for you and your fork, choosing among 7 different behaviors. You set it up by yourself in five minutes, in your workshop. Freedom is now in your hands. Any changes are easily reproducible and reversible


- Tool for fitting the CTS valve

- GOLD: Special soft

- ORANGE: Special medium

- GREEN: Special firm

- DESERT: Regular soft

- BLUE: Regular medium

- RED: Regular firm


Formula CTS (Compression Tuning System) Pack

  • The cornerstone

    The Gold valve is the closest to the “industry-standard” set-up of a MTB fork: great sensitivity in the first two centimeters of travel, the right amount of support at low and medium speeds, and a constant though gentle progressivity. A setting that allows riders with different riding styles to have comfort and support, combined with the advantage to use always all the available travel.

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