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High performance brake pads for use with Formula brakes.

- Sintered
- Organic

- Ergal (organic)


- Very constant and high braking power at all speeds
- Excellent wear resistance in muddy conditions
- No fading at high temperatures

- Very good initial bite
- Very quiet
- Good all round feeling
- High braking power at low speeds



- Alloy back plate

- Lighter

- Better heat dissipation


Note: Brakes are a safety relevant item on your bike. As a result it is important to use original Formula pads with Formula brakes, as these have been tested extensively and are guaranteed to provide the intended braking characteristics. The use of other pads may compromise the performance and safety provided by your brakes.

Formula Brake Pads R1, C1, RX, RO, T1, The1, CURA

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