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The chain guide of the European 4X Champion 2010, congratulations Joost Wichman!  

With Roger Rinderknecht, Johannes Fischbach, David Graf and Guido Tschugg the Carbocage 4X chain guide is used by further top ten World Cup riders. They, just like the majority of the German 4X elite riders, rely on the perfect function of the lightest chain guide on the market. For 2011, Carbocage has made some changes to the screw connection system used, again further reducing the total weight and simplifying the assembly process. The only required tool is now a 4 mm allen key. The Carbocage 4X is the ultimate fourcross chain guide, superlight and completly silent. Ideal for hardtails or full suspension bikes up to 100mm of travel. Carbon composites are a far superior material for chain guides than aluminium or steel. The weight is the obvious advantage, but also the resistance to moderate impacts is ideal. Once set up, it is completely maintenance free. Annoying re-adjusting is not required as the carbon parts will bend on impact and then flex back into their original position. Light weight chain guides made of aluminium or steel bend very easily and in such cases often have to be readjusted

4X Guide

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