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SQlab 6OX Ergowave active saddle

Ideal for e-bike and gravity

November 2018    


The new e-bike saddle 6OX combines the advantages of the successful saddle models ERGOWAVE® and ERGOLUX®. As part of the product development, the shape of the saddle was adapted and perfected for the special use on the E-MTB as well as for the Gravity Bike.

The wave shaped 6OX profile which contours from the rear to the front offers a perfect form-fit shape for most sitbones. The raised back section provides more rearward support and ensures efficient power transmission. The grip material on the raised back provides additional support to the rear. In addition, the saddle cover is robust, especially at the edges.

The level and lowered saddle nose applies less pressure to the sensitive areas of men and women alike. For an even better pressure relief, especially on long technical climbs, the saddle nose of the 6OX became a little bit wider, but just as flat and with largest possible surface area. The padding was designed for the specific needs on the E-MTB with perfect dampening properties for rough off-road terrain.

Due to these modifications, the 6OX is the ideal saddle for long and steep climbs on the E-MTB and at the same time, even on bikes without an engine, it provides an optimum relief. The wave shaped 6OX profile which contours from the rear to the front offers a perfect form-fit shape for most sitbones.

The SQlab active-saddle technology lets the saddle follow the pedalling motion as comfort increases, the vertebral discs are mobilized and pressure on the seat bones is minimised. The correct width saddle is a prerequisite for maximum performance. Available widths: 13 cm/14 cm/15 cm/16 cm


SQlab - 6OX -pageheader.jpg

NEW!!! Speedneedle 20Twenty

Now we proudly present the new Speedneedle 20TWENTY to celebrate and anticipate the next 20 years. The Speedneedle 20TWENTY is based on the Speedneedle Marathon, though at 130 mm, it’s a little wider. We also kept our proprietary carbon-aramid-mixed struts. What we updated was the saddle shell and the upholstering. Instead of two overlapping pieces of leather / alcantara, the saddle is now covered by two pieces laid parallel along the longest axis to guarantee comfort!

The saddle is available with an alcantara upholstery at 99 g, or in leather in black, white or red (114 g).

Tune Speedneedle 20Twenty


November 2017                                                                         

SQlab Innerbarends 411


September 2017                                                                         

Innerbarends are a new innovative evolution of the good old barends we know from the early days of mountainbikes, but with a never-before-seen safety aspect. Despite the different hand position, the brake levers always remain in reach. The position somewhat resembles that of an aerobar.

The Innerbarends fit most bikes. They are mounted directly adjacent and inwards of the grips. As most brake levers are long enough that for best brake performance one can and should mount them inboard of the shifter there is usually sufficient space between grips and shifter / brake lever for mounting the inner barends.

The Innerbarends don’t weigh much at 108g per pair, and aren’t in the way, so just give them a try!




BITS of Tune TT110


August 2017                                                                         

A small tool, that punches well above its weight!

Exclusively developed with the tool specialist WIHA. The TT10 meets almost all your needs.

An extremely short screwdriver with a wide grip ensures effortless screwing and unscrewing, even in tight spaces.

6 + 1 total bits: 5 hexagonal sizes (H2, H2.5, H3, H4, and H5), 1 Phillips head (PH2), 1 Torx (T25)

Ready for almost every situation, it weights a mere 85 grams.




Fat bikes Tune king kong 170mm spacing 177mm

New from Syntace - C33i Carbon wheels  

June 2017                                                                         

New for 2017 are the lightweight (1,580g) and durable Syntace C33i wheels.


Available in 27.5" (650B) and boost or non-boost, these impressive wheels come with inner rim width of 33mm, allowing tyres of up to 3.0" to be fitted.




Syntace gives 10 years warranty from date of purchase on all material and manufacturing defects.

EightyOneSpices becomes Australian SQlab distributor    


We are proud to anounce we are the now the exclusive SQ lab distributor for the Australian region.


We are very proud to be able to offer the SQlab ergonomic range of saddles and grips to the Australian market. They are industry leading products which are available in a range of sizes and models to suit each individual rider based on their anatomy and riding style. No other saddle range offer such depth of refined features to eliminate pain and discomfort and in doing such both increase performance and riding pleasure. 





To view our initial range: click here  (although we aim to expand the range once we have sufficient dealers on board)



For SQlab features:  click here


Fat bikes Tune king kong 170mm spacing 177mm

Formula 35 650b and 29er forks get tested around the world                                                                                 04/04/2014

The first of the Formula 35 forks landed earlier in the year. We are now in the process of doing first hand testing by our selves and magazines. These forks are performing a treart so far and we are looking forward to the first stock landing.
Here are some reviews that have been done by magazines:


19.03.2014 PinkBike                                     




01.04.2014  FLOW MTB


Australian MountainBike


Fat bikes Tune king kong 170mm spacing 177mm

TUNE goes Fatbike                                                                                                                                                             28/10/2013

Tune: Based on long-time experiences with our King and Kong hub combination we have developed an offset hubset for Fatbikes.
With its 130 g the Fat King is ploughing a lonely Fatbike-furrow. The hub will be available in a 135mm QR and a 142x15mm thru-axle version.
With its 170mm (QR) and 177mm (12mm thru-axle) axle spacing, the Fat Kong is new territory for us but with only 240g very tune typical and ready for all relevant current axle and drivetrain systems.
Thanks to identical flange distances both wheels can be built symmetrically. The result is highest stiffness and durability. The load oriented material distribution of the hub body has been laid out to stiffen the flanges. In addition, the flanges are tilted towards the spokes and hence in the load direction. The result is a solid, durable and minimal weight product, made in Buggingen/Germany.

Fat bikes Tune king kong 170mm spacing 177mm

Liteville 301 Mk11 frames are now available                                                                                                              


Liteville 301 bicycle frame 601 901

New for MK11
- Full Integrated "Syntace VarioSpin tapered" headset (+/- 1.5° head angle adjustment)
- Fox Float CTD shock with Kashima coating and Liteville specific tune
- Entry point at seat tube for internal dropper post cable routing
- XXL has geometry optimised for 29" wheels (650b on the rear is optional)

- further optimisation for Liteville's new Scaled Sizing Prinziple (SSi)

Eurobike 2013: Tune introduce the brand new Tune Singledpeeder D                                                                       




In the course of the switch from 15 mm to 17 mm rear axle hubs the Singlespeed-hub has been adapted for the common through axle systems: 135 mm Maxle and the 142x12 X-12 system. The new Singlespeed D hub with only 212 g is certainly one of the lightest singlespeed hubs available. The reworked version has been fitted with an alloy freewheel body which is considerably lighter than it's Ti predecessor. The use of titanium is no longer needed as Tune has been successfully using a special new heat treated alloy which is almost as strong as titanium. The X-12 version is suitable for bikes with for example a Pinion-drive. The hub will be available in Australia from November.



Tune hubs skewers bicycle components eightyonespices

Eurobike 2013: Liteville introduce Scaled Sizing (SSi) Geometry                                                                            


For more detailed information visit:

Liteville 301 bicycle frame scales sizing Syntace eightyonespices enduro mountainbike

Syntace W-Series Wheels have landed!                                                                                                                          24/04/2013                                                                                


First Syntace W-Series wheels have landed! We will start shipping out the firstof the Syntace W-series wheels by the end of this week. This shipment contains W30 MX and W35 MX wheels in 26". The W35's are almost sold out. We still have several W30's available at this stage.



Syntace W-Series MX rims mavic hope stans ZTR

Syntace introduce the new 2013 handle bar shapes                                                                                                       05/09/2012                                                                               


Wow. There has always been the Vector with its low 10mm rise. In future the previous Vector bar will go by the name Vector Hi10. This name change was introduced to make way for a whole series of new bar shapes with more selection of rise, or if you like drop. There are now rises Hi20, Hi10, Hi5 (Flat on top), and drops Low5 (flat on bottom) and Low10. Below an overview.



Syntace Vector Duraflite handle bar niner easton race face
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