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With the Syntace Moto Gripz nothing slips... not your grip, not your hand!

The secret... is inside: A slotted, 3D shim made of fiber-reinforced nylon, plus a robust clamp bolt, build the inner core of this grip. This core is then covered with an dual compound Kraton rubber (Int. Patent).


The assembly

Screw-on Gripz slide onto your handlebar with ease. Just turn the grip to the desired position (we recommend mounting such that the cross hairs of the Moto logo lie in line with the extension of your arm), tighten the bolt*, and you‘re finished!


The result

Extremely compact shape making the Moto Screw-on Gripz superlight: One grip weighs less than 60 g ...including the integrated hard core endcap! Absolutely no play, slip or twisting of the grip on any handlebar. Put it on and take it off in seconds, as often as you want!


Custom Fit

Available in the 30 mm original Moto diameter, and 33 mm extra large diameter. Because the grip size shouldn’t just suit a standardised person, but you as an individual.

SyntaceMoto Gripz 30.0mm and 33.0mm

    • Intended usage: CC / Marathon, Downhill, Enduro, Gravel, Trail
    • E-Bike compatible: Yes
    • Range of application: MTB
    • Grip width (mm): 137
    • Outer-ø (mm): 30.00 or 33mm
    • Color: Black
    • Weight: 119 g
    • Material: Fiver reinforced plastic and Kraton rubber
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