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The new Beskar flat pedal offers exceptional grip thanks to its large platform, the concave design and the eight stainless steel pins per side. Regarding pins we have found out that less here is actually more, namely more grip! We have also thought about the topic of durability. The special bearing system is floating and preloaded with washers. This distributes forces through impacts better and significantly reduces the impact on the bearings. The titanium axle pushes the weight to 295g per pair.

NEWMEN Beskar Flat Pedal

  • Material Pedal Axle - Titanium
    Weight - 295g / Pair
    Pins - 16 / Pedal
    Dimensions - 105mm x 100mm
    Material Pedal Body - Aluminium
    Pedal Version - Flatpedal
    Bearing - preloaded Ball Bearing
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