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R for road

but even if the road is made by gravel. Of course take it in GT mood.

The target was: “make it simpler” starting from the previous R model, born just reducing the Q of our first crankset L2; but mantaining the weight limit

After some month of iteration between shapes and FEM, we reached this new “radical as clean” and definitive structure for this new crankset: 2 drilled “tubes” at sides and a machined matrix for a perfect stifness/weight ratio in aluminum cnc’d cranksets.

Compatible with any of INGRID's chainrings and spindles.


Chainring not included. There is an upcharge of $87 for special colours.


Tech Specs:

Material: 2024 aluminium alloy (cranks) and 7075 aluminium alloy (spindle)

Weight: 445g (Size M without chainrings)

Cranks length: S - M - L

Spindle: 30mm

K-factor: 91.5mm

Q-factor: 148mm

Colours: Raw (no finish), black, titanium, available upon request and a small upcharge: yellow, violet, orange, blue, green, red, hard anodized.


Use the right tool: Crankset lock ring tool




INGRID Crankset CRS-R2

  • Please call us prior to purchase to confirm availability.

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