SQLab road saddles - TOUR tests 27 saddles

For many cyclists, choosing the perfect saddle seems just as difficult as finding one’s partner for life. Some relationships fail after a few kilometers, others last maybe one summer, and there are only a few that one would want to ride for the rest of one’s life. One of the reasons finding the one saddle that fits is so difficult has to do with the vast number of saddles available in the marketplace. Selle Italia and Specialized, for example, have 36 and 21 bike saddles on offer, respectively. They include saddles that are wide, narrow, thickly-padded, hard as a board, with holes and without, black, colorful, with rails of metal or carbon. It’s hardly possible to try them all. Or is it? Many manufacturer offer help in the form of a virtual partner agency for saddle-seekers. You usually use them online, and they provide concrete suggestions for certain saddle models. These programs can be a solution for cyclists who exactly know their anatomical data and their personal preferences. Other vendors supplement the virtual pre-selection process by following it up with a dealer consultation.

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