SQlab supports children in need with a Red Limited Edition range

SQlab supports the association "Radeln und Helfen e.V." with a new limited product line to support disadvantaged children with the proceeds. A total of five products for mountain bikers and racing cyclists are intended to serve as motivation to support children in need. With the money collected, selected aid organisations, self-help groups and individuals will be financially supported. The aim is to make the world a better place for the children. The motto: Together we can do it all! From now on there is, besides the already known, red 611 Ergowave active "Radel und Helfen Sonderedition alias 'RUH'", 4 more products for racing bikes and mountain bikes to expand the support of children. SQlab supports the association with 10 € per saddle sold and 2 € per grip, handlebar tape and innerbarends sold. If you're interested in this Limited Edition Red SQlab range, you can contact EightyOneSpices or your nearest SQlab dealer for more information.

612 ERGOWAVE® RUH active

The fast, red RUH special edition is for all racing cyclists and mountain bike racers. Due to

the wave-like shape and the raised rear, the saddle provides a perfect hold and optimal

pressure relief for man and woman alike.

712 Handlebar tape

Handlebar tape with textured surface for better grip. Increased shock absorption due to

knobbed structure.

Weight: 70g

611 ERGOWAVE® RUH active

The 611 Ergowave Limited Edition in RUH design is tailored to the needs of off-road use, as

well as the requirements of all-mountain and enduro. Here, as well, the shape and material

ensures perfect pressure distribution and protection in the terrain.

711 Griff RUH

The 711 grip is the perfect ergonomic grip for long distance and racing use on the sporty

mountain bike. A well thought-out, ergonomic shape offers special grip security and

comfort. The red "Radeln und Helfen" design also stands out visually.

411 Innerbarends® RUH

Innerbarends are in. Inner grip, more comfort, more aerodynamics, more relief - these are

the advantages. The Innerbarends® have no fixed area of application. They are primarily

suitable for mountain biking: MTB Race, Cross Country, Marathon, Trailbike, Tours, All

Mountain up to Enduro.

But the Innerbarends also work well on normal bike handlebars, trekking bikes and even

city bikes.

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