OPEN WI.DE Scores Eurobike Award

The OPEN U.P. inspired a generation of gravel bikes that could fit up to 2.1” tires. The WI.DE. (Winding Detours) can run even bigger tires up to 2.4" while still fitting road cranks! The monster tires help you conquer the most extreme terrain, the performance geometry & narrow Q-factor keep you efficient while the steering geometry keeps you nimble. The WI.DE. is very functional:

  • With 650b gravel or MTB tires up to 2.4”, rutted singletrack, slippery roots & loose rocks are no match

  • With 700c gravel tires up to 46mm, even the toughest gravel roads are tackled at lightning speed

  • With 700c road tires (35-40mm recommend), it's the most comfortable road bike ever invented.

Jury Statement: "This pioneer in gravel bikes has set a new benchmark in the segment. The model features extra-large tyres and successfully meets the technical challenges imposed by factors such as achieving the ideal chainline."

OPEN WI.DE Award Winner

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