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Tune's One Shot Tubeless System - All your questions answered.

Tune One Shot Tubeless System

How do I use One Shot tire sealant?

The easiest way to use the TUNE ONE SHOT tire sealant is with the 60 ml bottle. The tire valve can be opened with the integrated valve tool from the bottle bottom. The sealant can then be simply inserted into the tire through the valve. Re-fit the valve core, pump up and away you go. The 120 ml bottle is great for a complete bike, and the 1 ltr bottle is great for topping up either 60 ml or 120 ml bottles to take as a backup on rides.

Why does my tire not seal properly with One Shot sealant?

There could be many reasons for this but the two main reasons usually are:

  1. The tire hasn’t been cleaned properly beforehand.

Often there are still substance residues in the tire, for example release agents, which prevent the sealing. In order to get the best possible result, we always recommend cleaning the tire with soapy water and to scrub the inside with a brush. For the tire to seal correctly, it should be free of any dirt and release agent particles.

After cleaning, leave the tire to dry completely. Firmly shake the bottle before use. When filling, please beware our recommended quantities. Do not mix the ONE-SHOT sealant with other products as the One Shot will be diluted!

The installation with a compressor simplifies the „setting“ of the tire bead but is not always necessary. The tire must seat properly on the rim shoulder. A compressor and also soap water can help with this if it does not seat easily. For a better distribution of the liquid, swirl it well back and forth within the tire. Then inflate the tires to the desired pressure. After 24 hours, check the pressure again.

  1. The rim tape does not seal properly.

To install the rim tape, the rim must be grease-free. For this, clean the rim in advance with a bit of alcohol. Only then fit the rim tape to the rim.

Our Hack: Insert a tube into the tire after fitting the rim tape . Inflate the tube and leave it for 15 minutes. Thanks to the pressure of the tube, the rim tape will be pressed perfectly against the rim bottom with high pressure.

Both rim tape and the valves need to be assembled properly according to our instructions. To do so you can watch the following video.

Is it possible to use the sealant in road bike tubular tires? Yes it is possible to use the sealant in tubular tires. Is it possible to use the sealant in latex tubes? Yes it is possible to use the sealant in latex tubes. How much One Shot do I use in a road tire? It is not easy to estimate the exact quantity of sealant needed for a road tire. Too much sealant means unnecessary extra weight, too little sealant and it may not seal sufficiently. We recommend therefor to experiment a little to find out what amount suits your personal setup. The amount may vary considerably according to the tire model and size.

Is One Shot suited to the high pressures run in road tires?

One Shot is suitable for use in road tires. However, the newer higher volume size tires (25mm, 28mm or now even 30mm) lend themselves far better due to the lower pressures required to run them (60 - 100psi). Traditional 23mm tires may struggle to seal tires effectively at higher pressures. Can I use CO2 cartridges? One Shot sealant is compatible with CO2 cartridges. Is it possible to use ONE SHOT under -10°C? We specify -10°C / 14°F as the coldest application temperature for the One Shot sealant. One Shot is functional up to this limit, and even beyond up to -17°C / 1°F, but here the service life may decrease due to the increase in viscosity. How can I remove One Shot from the tire and dispose of it? One shot is biodegradable and environmentally friendly. It can be removed completely and easily with the help of warm water, some soap and a brush. Which Tune rims are tubeless suited?

All Tune's clincher rims can be run tubeless with Tune's tubeless tape, tubeless valve and sealant.

How do I fit Tune's rim tape? In following video Tune show you how to fit their rim tape:

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