SQlab Insoles

SQlab insoles

Ever thpought about getting some fitted insoles?

In the June issue of "Check Out", besides Flat Pedal Shoes, Fenders, Protective Packs etc., Pinkbike author Richard Cunningham dedicates himself to our SQlab insoles.

First, a short series of pictures of the yellow insoles is used exemplarily to illustrate the advantages they have for the foot, follwed by the listed features of the insoles.

In the review, the SQlab foot type measurement concept is first discussed in order to explain the differences between the three different models and the meaning of the colours.

"...they are feeling pretty good.", not only this discreet but fitting statement suggests that the author was quite satisfied with the insoles, but also the special emphasis in the conclusion that SQlab always keeps its promises.

Follow the Link below to read the whole article:


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