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 Chain guide CARBOCAGE X1

The Enduro chain guide for SRAM XX1, X01, X1 and BCD 104 mm Wide-Narrow drives

The X1 chain guide from CARBOCAGE stands for a clean look and optimum ground clearance. Precise and reliable guidance of 10 and 11-speed chains through the Narrow Cage Design. Super lightweight and fine adjustment to the chain by elastic spacers: the guide cage can be set up at distance, angle and the opening width at the rear by tightening or loosening the screws. Thereby it can be set up without grind and in each gear without broad opening unnecessarily. Thus the chain will give only as much space as required under load.

noiselessly by polyurethane spacers under the chain
Flipflop adjuster - positive attitude to the chainring size - makes an inadvertent movement or a displacement impossible
Chain outlet bevel at the taco - makes space for the chain when the chain on the large gears obliquely running away inward from the chainring. This allows to mount the Taco with a minimum distance from the chainring and to protect it optimally
Taco milled from full carbon fabric CNC, reinforced with aluminum edge protection

X1 Top Guide

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