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The TUNE Skyracer saddle redefines limits.…


Limits of Safety. Limits of strength. Limits of compatibility. Limits of speed. Limits of longetivity. Limits of R&D.


Safety: No material fatigue. Even after 200,000 test cycles. 3-4x higher impact resistance. Meets the safety requirements of ISO 4210-9 even at its incredibly low 69 grams (for the record, that’s about 23 cubes of sugar). Made from a 5 times as expensive, aviation proven and carbon reinforced material.

Stability: No adhesive bonding surfaces. No weaknesses. 10x stronger than comparable bonded saddles. Formed in a single piece at 400 degrees and 300 bar using a new manufacturing process, nerver before used for saddles.

Compatibility: It can be used on all seatposts. Thanks to the “Forged Carbon” manufacturing process the Skyracer does not require ovalised seat rails.

Speed: No more pressure on the perineal region. No slipping. You can focus fully on the ride. The saddle offers two seating positions, so slipping.

Durability: Can be fully recycled up to 5x. reduces the impact on the environment, think of our future.
R&D: 5 years of development. Investment of 2.5 million.

The icing on the cake: personalization. The colour of the nose-piece can be selected from all the available tune colours.


When will you redefine your limits and become a Skyracer?


The ergonomic shape of the SKYRACER deliberately minimizes pressure on your perineal area. The forces are introduced directly into both ischial tuberosities. The ischial tuberos are good at supporting your body weight and if they are not accoustomed to it from your previous saddle they can get used to it easily. At the beginning, this saddle can look a little unfamiliar. But you will quickly get used to this comfort-optimized shape. Because the anatomically adapted specific concave-convex saddle profile offers you two seating positions: relaxed and race. The seating area is generous and flat. With a width of 126mm the Skyracer suits a vast range of riders.


We will stock black. Other colours on request. Note: Due to the high demand and long lead times / low production capacity of this saddle, lead times of colours not in stock can be up to 6 months. So please contact us to check availability first.



TUNE Skyracer saddle

Colour: blue
  • - Technical Data:
    - Saddle frame and rails: carbon
    - Dimension of rails: 8x9 mm
    - Padding: not necessary!
    - Edge protection: artificial leather or Alcantara (both vegan friendly)
    - Field of application: mountain bike, cyclo cross, road
    - Width: 131 mm
    - Length: 265 mm
    - Max. rider weight: 90 kg

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