For the DC14 road skewers, Tune has brought together aluminium, titanium, and carbon fiber to create one of the lightest and most attractive quick release road skewers available.
Using several clever and elegant design features, the DC14 with aluminium skewers achieves an incredible low weight of just 33 grams. Perhaps the most unique and striking feature of these skewers are the thin but strong carbon lever ends. The lever bases and adjusting caps are elegantly machined from high strength 7075 aluminium alloys, with knurls added to the dropout contacts and adjusting nut for maximum security and easy adjustment. The levers and adjusting caps are elegantly machined from high strength aluminium alloys.
Tune's skewer design operates the same as most other skewers, with a simple closure of the lever to secure the hub in the dropouts. However, for the early gen skewer, the ball-and socket eccentric cam allows for the skewer tension to be modified once the lever is closed. Simply rotate the lever clockwise or counter clockwise to increase or decrease the clamping force. for the later gen skewers, the cam mechanism has been modified to provide a higher clamping force, but this lever position adjustment after closing the lever is no longer possible.  Tune coats the ball joint / Eccemntric cam pan with a special self lubricating molybdenum disulfide (i.e. graphite) to both reduce friction in the cam and remove the need to grease this interface. Instead, the cam should just be kept clean and dry. The skewer threads should be occasionally lubricated with a light grease to prevent corrosion and allow for smooth adjustment.

TUNE DC14 Road Skewers

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