The 2nd generation of the Syntace W-Series aluminum wheels.
The Pioneer
In the past, narrow rims and heavy tires were the norm. Today, wide rims can be combined with new, lightweight tyre types. But really wide, high-quality rims were still heavier than their narrow brothers, otherwise the durability suffered. Syntace was the first to break this vicious circle in 2011. The original Syntace-Rim W33 was the first wide and light-weight aluminium rim on the market. After more than 5 years of experience, we have improved it with an even better aluminium alloy and with a profile that has been further developed in many test bench runs. And yet another 50 g lighter.

Stronger than the spoke
SmoothFit profile makes the spoke anchoring in the rim bottom much more resistant to cracking. Perfectly angled embedding of the nipples in the rim base. Longer life than previous rim bottoms or plain washers, which in addition to the rim weight cause weight but do not reinforce the rim edge of the spoke hole.

Reinforced Impact Performance (R. I. P.)
Inclined, solidly reinforced rim flange with a profile with a groove for the best possible tyre fit. Another 25 % higher impact resistance than the multiple test winner and predecessor Syntace W35.

3-fold protected bearing

New double Syntace Dura Seal sealing caps (Pat. pend.) protect the double-sided sealed Syntace precision hub bearings behind. Filled with special grease, which has a more than 25% higher water absorption capacity, further improved corrosion inhibitors and a high bleeding temperature of the oil




Syntace W series front wheel

  • Specifications:

    Application: Trail, Enduro
    Wheel Size: 27.5" or 29"
    Tyre Type: clincher tyre
    Number of Spokes: 28
    Brake Type: 6-bolt disc
    Tubeless System: Tubeless Ready