Black aluminium instead of carbon.

The ductile material aluminium has its rightful place in two finger wide rims rolling over sharp rocks, roots and steps. If it were just possible to bend sufficiently light weight rims. It is possible.

Light weight... and tougher than carbon rims. Thanks to the Syntace precission profile made of a custom high strength alloy, welded and multiply cold worked and heat treated. Stress reducing asymmetrical Syntace W-Series profile design with side step drilling pattern. Mere 500g for the 35mm wide W35 MX rims (26”) speak a clear language.

Less tyre pressure, more control
Less tyre pressure means: more grip, less rolling resistance in rough terrain, higher capability to absorb impacts, higher speed in corners as well as better braking traction. Why can a wider rim be ridden with less air pressure? Because the carcass remains upright better and is in contact with the rim via more air volume. On the wide Syntace W35 MX rims, tyres mount wider and more directly on the rim with less “bulging” than on traditional rims. This significantly reduces the tendency of “folding” when running low air pressures. Additionally, both the danger of snake bites and rolling resistance is reduced!

Energy saving
The above described reduced “bulging” also generally reduces the rolling resistance: Thanks to a slight straightening of the S-form of the tyre’s side wall profile, the undesired deformation work of the carcass in this area is reduced. Additionally, the rotating mass is reduced, because tyres are heavier than rims. A narrower rim considered on its own is lighter than a wider rim, but this narrow rim requires a significantly heavier tyre in order to achieve a similar contact area. Consider the rim and tyre as one unit, then the total mass of the rotating wheel is reduced with more rim and less tyre. Especially, where the effect is the greatest, right on the outer edge.

Syntace W-Series MX 32h Rim


  • Tailor made
    The Syntace W-Series MX rims are available with the largest multitude of sizes: four widths, two spoke counts, and as a world first Syntace also offers the same rims in four diameters. Namely, 24”, 26”, 27.5” (650B) and 29”. We go to this extend, simply so that if you don’t fit the “norm sizing” you can still build the best possible mountain bike for yourself.

    Recommended use
    Best handling characteristics combined with free rolling. Previously unheard combination of free rolling and traction control for all application from Xc to trail/All Mountain.

    360° Syntace ToughSkin™
    All round, meaning even inside the bead hook, the rims are shot peened for increased surface density. This cold working process of the aluminium not only achieves a measurable increase in material surface hardness but also creates a “grippier” surface at all tyre contact areas for the tyre to hold onto. This reduces the the likelihood of the tyre to move on the rim under large loads, especially when riding with low air pressure. And reduces the likelihood of tearing off a valve.