The 711 - the optimal combination of comfort and dynamic handling.

The combination of comfort and dynamic handling characteristics were primary objectives in the development of the 711. The preferred use is on a moutainbike. The perfect fit however makes the 711 also suitable for the trekking or touring bike.
The Syntace© clamping system provides reliable and secure halt on the bars at a very low weight. Three different polymer materials ensure perfect grip, high comfort and never become sticky. A slightly squared and large surfaced frontal and lower surface shape provide higher comfort and a secure grip, which fits perfectly to the square form of your fingers when holding a handlebar.

SQlab 711 Grips

$36.90 Regular Price
$29.52Sale Price
  • Colour: black
    Intended use: MTB, Trekking
    Available sizes: S, M, L
    Weight (g): S 120g/ pair, M 138g/ pair, L 155g/pair
    Length in mm: 138
    Form: ergonomic hexagonal wave form
    inside: firm rubger compound
    outside: soft rubber compound